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Pudge, and Manny, and Junior, Oh My!

August 1, 2008

As you all know the trade deadline passed Thursday at four o clock est, and boy, what a deadline it was. There were many major trades as you probably know, but in case you don’t, let me run down the trades. First Ivan “pudge” Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees, filling the gaping hole left after Jorge Posada decided to get season ending surgery, for only Kyle Farnsworth. Even though it filled another hole, this time for the tigers, I think that they could have gotten more for such a big name, even if he is just a rental. Next on the list is Manny. Manny was part of a three way trade involving the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Pirates. The Dodgers got Manny, the Pirates got four prospects, (three are supposed to be major league ready). Though they traded Manny, the Red Sox did not leave the deal empty handed. The Sox managed to get Jason Bay from the Pirates. To me this is a great deal for everyone since the Dodgers and Red Sox are contenders and need good players now. The Pirates however do not need players since they are still rebuilding and just need prospects. Lastly Ken Griffey Jr was traded to the White Sox for Nick Masset and Danny Richar.
To me, that was the worst deal. Yes Griffey old but he is a fan favorite and Reds fans everywhere are probably crying. They at least should have gotten a few legitimate prospects, or names people know. To me the biggest winner before the deadline was the Red Sox. Yes I know that they lost a MAJOR asset in Manny, but he was a distraction and Jason Bay is also an All-Star and can fill the gap in the outfield. Not only that but Bay is also younger than the aging Manny.

This years trade deadline winner.

This years trade deadline winner.

Though those were the headlining trades there was one more major trade, and that was the Los Angeles Angles swapping first basemen with the Atlanta Braves giving away Casey Kotchman but receiving Mark Texiara. This trade tells me that, even though they still have a chance, the Braves don’t believe that they can make the playoffs.

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First Post

July 27, 2008

Hello and welcome to the first REAL post of this blog. The Arena Bowl just ended and its official, the Philadelphia Soul have FINALLY brought home a major title back to Philadelphia with a 59-56 victory over the San Jose Sabercats, and MAN AM I EXCITED!!!! Now some people would not consider the AFL a major sport but I definitely think it is. I mean its not related to the NFL so its not like its an NFL minor league system. In other news the Yankees will go for the sweep of the Red Sox tonight. As much as i would like to say that this is not a big deal, it is. If the Yankees win tonight they, to me, will be a legitimate contender for the AL East, which I said earlier this year would NOT happen. The Yankees have not missed the playoffs in a long time and my expectation is that they will keep this streak alive with a few more wins. However I don’t believe they should ever be in this position considering they have the players to make the playoffs early every year. Sorry this is a short post but I have to go now. Leave comments about your thoughts and ideas for later posts. Until then, see ya!