First Post

Hello and welcome to the first REAL post of this blog. The Arena Bowl just ended and its official, the Philadelphia Soul have FINALLY brought home a major title back to Philadelphia with a 59-56 victory over the San Jose Sabercats, and MAN AM I EXCITED!!!! Now some people would not consider the AFL a major sport but I definitely think it is. I mean its not related to the NFL so its not like its an NFL minor league system. In other news the Yankees will go for the sweep of the Red Sox tonight. As much as i would like to say that this is not a big deal, it is. If the Yankees win tonight they, to me, will be a legitimate contender for the AL East, which I said earlier this year would NOT happen. The Yankees have not missed the playoffs in a long time and my expectation is that they will keep this streak alive with a few more wins. However I don’t believe they should ever be in this position considering they have the players to make the playoffs early every year. Sorry this is a short post but I have to go now. Leave comments about your thoughts and ideas for later posts. Until then, see ya!


4 Responses to “First Post”

  1. WreckemTech4Ever Says:

    man the Arena Bowl was a mess until the final minute…. San Jose almost took it… in the final minute…

    i hava a blog o you should check it out:

  2. sportsblogger36 Says:

    that was crazy

  3. ZBecker Says:

    afl title isn’t major

  4. sportsblogger36 Says:

    its not like the big 4 (NBA,NHL,NFL,MLB) But its not a minor league affiliate of anything so its major

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